Fish don't live in ugly places......

2007 Gallery

Butterball Creek- Can you see the trout in this photo?




An open section on Green Hazel Creek.


Rock Creek May 2007

Outlet Stream Marsh Lake


Grayling Stream


High Country Outlet

Golden Trout Water

Dunbar Creek, PA. 2007.

No Trout Here. Meadow Run, PA., 70 degrees and low.

Native Brook Trout Water. Rapidan River, Va.

Va. TU Pres. doing his thing.

White Oak Canyon Run, Va.

The Hughes River, Va.

Sneaking around on the Rapidan River, Va.



There can be only one- McCloud.


Falls on the Upper Sac




Explore, you never know what's around the next corner.

Behind Wrights Lake


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